Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10th Post

Students need to realize that the internet does not provide the anonymity that they assume. Cyber bullying is become a more commonly punishable offense and many students simply do not equate it as carrying the same weight as real life actions. They need to understand the reality of this in order to maintain their safety as well as to help provide a safe environment for others. The internet can be a mean, cruel space. It's up to the students to cultivate a better online situation for themselves. I can use the Ed Tech website to provide students with specifics on the internet and other technology so that they may better understand the responsibility involved. To review the concept of digital citizenship, I would go over the technology contract that was signed by them long ago since I am sure they barely remember it, let alone respect it. I would come up with an informative sheet to give to the parents and have signed so that they understand what all is involved.

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